justWhistle CSE Training

The training arm of Safe and Sound, justWhistle, provides specialist training in child sexual exploitation (CSE)
for practitioners working with children, young people and families.

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  • CSE Train the Trainer: Delivering Awareness at Intermediate Level

    This practical one-day CPD accredited training course is only for those who have completed other intermediate level training on child sexual exploitation (CSE) and have a good understanding of the subject matter. The training will provide delegates with an understanding of the more complex issues surrounding CSE to enable them to deliver intermediate level training to their organisations, where their staff teams will also already have a good understanding of CSE.


  • Effectively Recognising and Responding to Child Sexual Exploitation

    Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Training

    This one-day intermediate level CPD accredited training course looks comprehensively at the various signs, indicators and models surrounding child sexual exploitation; best practice guidance in sharing information between agencies, using CSE toolkits and recording and monitoring suspected cases of child sexual exploitation.


  • Psychology of Perpetrators

    This one-day CPD accredited course will cover theories of sexual offending in males and females, grooming approaches and also explore the online and offline environment. We will cover the perceptions of and assumptions made about sex offenders and look at real experiences and accounts from convicted child sex offenders who talk about their grooming techniques, control methods and pathways to becoming an offender.


  • Digital Sexual Violence - Webcams, Online Grooming & Revenge Porn

    This one-day CPD accredited training course explores the common forms of digital sexual violence such as webcam sex tourism, online grooming, sexting, sexual bullying and harassment online and so-called ‘revenge porn’. The day is built so that each topic is covered in depth to increase knowledge of prevalence, impact and skills in dealing with each issue.


  • Understanding & Responding to the Sexualisation of Children

    This one-day CPD accredited training course is a critical look at the process of the sexualisation of children from birth to 18 and the impact this is having on girls and boys in the modern world. The day explores examples, theories, explanations and impact of hyper-sexualisation of children.


  • Deliver CSE awareness to KS2 & KS3

    This one-day CPD accredited training course - Train the Teacher: Learn how to deliver your own child sexual exploitation (CSE) awareness sessions to children in KS2 and KS3 - will equip teachers, designated safeguarding leads and other practitioners working with young people, with ideas for resources, exercises and lesson plans.


  • Techniques for supporting children and young adults following CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE

    This one-day CPD accredited training course explores the long term impact of child sexual abuse on young people and adults, including complex trauma following abuse; along with coping mechanisms, stages of recovery, experiences of the criminal justice system and new techniques for supporting adults and children following abuse.


  • Working with boys and young men affected by CSE

    This one-day CPD accredited training course explores the impact of gender on practice when working with children and young people affected by CSE, by looking at gender roles and the place of boys and young men in society. The training will includes examples of experiences of boys and young men affected by CSE and techniques to support them.


  • Child sexual exploitation - Train The Trainer

    This practical and engaging one-day CPD accredited training course includes a mixture of CSE knowledge and training skills practice that will enable delegates to deliver basic Child Sexual Exploitation awareness training within their own organisations.


  • Engaging Young People At Risk of CSE

    This advanced one-day CPD accredited course explores different models of working with children and young people at risk of or affected by sexual exploitation as well as the barriers to effective engagement and how to overcome them using practical tools and resources.


  • Working with Families Affected by Child sexual exploitation

    This one-day CPD accredited training course will provide delegates with awareness  of  the impact of CSE on families; featuring a critique of current practice and responses to families affected by CSE and exploring models of working with families in more effective ways to help them to prevent, identify and respond to CSE.


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    Our engaging courses are delivered by experts in the field of child sexual exploitation and aim to provide you with informative training to help inform your internal CSE strategy and practice.

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    In-house courses tailored to your requirements. This approach enables you to achieve the greatest training impact for your organisation at the minimum cost.