Are you, or someone you know...

Under 18 and:

  • Being made to have sex or do sexual things you don’t want to?
  • Skiving school or getting into trouble when you’re in school?
  • Getting into cars with older people?
  • Keeping your social life secret from those who care about you?
  • Being taken to pubs/clubs/house parties?
  • Having unprotected sex?
  • Being given alcohol/money/drugs/gifts by older people?
  • Staying away from home for a number of nights and not telling your family/carers where you are
  • Running away? Either to stay with friends or going to other towns/cities?
  • Have a ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ who may be older than you?
  • Your older boyfriend/girlfriend is asking you to keep your relationship secret?
  • Talking to people you don’t know over the internet?
  • Meeting people you’ve been talking to over the internet?
  • Living/sleeping at boyfriend/girlfriend or adults flat/house?
  • Doing sexual things for money/drugs/drink/fags?

If you are concerned about yourself or a friend for a number of the reasons above, or have got into a situation like one of those above that you thought you could control but you feel has now got out of hand, it’s important to speak to someone you can trust.

This could be:

  • Your teacher
  • The school nurse
  • Your parents or carer

Show them this website if you are not
sure what to say.


How we can help

If someone such as a teacher, police officer, parent or a social worker has concerns about your safety, they may get in touch with us to see if we can offer you support. Have a look how we do this:

  • We support young people under the age of 18 who are being or at risk of being sexually exploited.
  • You can talk to us about anything and we don’t judge people.
  • We are friendly, supportive and caring and most importantly we work around you.
  • We can support you to go to other appointments like the sexual health clinic. We can also introduce you to other workers who can help you with different things like support with drug and alcohol problems if you want.

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  • Getting help

    Get confidential support over the phone when you don't know where else to turn.