CSE and Human Trafficking training for mental health and learning disability trust

We were commissioned to design and deliver a one-day bespoke human trafficking and child sexual exploitation training course for a mental health and learning disability trust.

The CAMHS Clinical Services Manager and the Nurse Specialist for the Safeguarding Children and Adults Team within the NHS Foundation Trust approached us with the requirement to develop suitable training for a broad audience base which included their community and inpatient mental health teams, as well as older persons teams, learning disability departments and clinicians across all areas including consultant psychiatrists, all with a wide range of knowledge and experience.

The training looked at definitions and language used in CSE as well as teachings about stereotyping, victim blaming and vulnerabilities of victims of CSE, along with the impact the abuse has on young people. The course also included learning about stereotyping of perpetrators and different methods of grooming. The day then moved on to look at issues of consenting to sex, how to engage young people affected by CSE, including barriers to engagement and techniques for overcoming these and working with the wider family. The day ended with an overview of trafficking for CSE and the National Referral Mechanism. We advised on recommended tools and resources that could be used and looked at the processes and procedures that existed within their local area for responding to cases of CSE.

The training was delivered to 58 delegates. Aims of delegates on the day included “To improve awareness and information on CSE & trafficking” “Information about up to date research” “To stay updated on current procedures and policies” Better ability to identify those at risk” and “What to do with suspected child sexual exploitation”.

On average, the delegates’ knowledge post event was improved by 50% from their understanding of CSE and human trafficking prior to training and 98% of the delegates said their learning aims were met by the training. Out of 58 delegates 98% ranked the value of the event at 8 out of 10 or above, with the majority ranking it 10 out of 10. All of the delegates on the course ranked the knowledge and skills of the trainer as 8 out of 10 or above, with the majority ranking them at 10.

From feedback following the training, the delegates fed back what they’d learned and the various ways they would change their practice following the training. Feedback included “Be more aware of the adults I work with who may have been exploited in the past” “Be more mindful of why people express certain behaviours” “Use the NRM form when appropriate” “I would feel more confident in any response” “I had a very limited knowledge so my full approach will be different”.

Overall feedback for the training included comments such as “This training was above and beyond my expectation. Fantastic presentation. I will definitely recommend this” and “Dynamic presentation great mix of discussion/participation.”

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