Understanding Risk and Vulnerability Report

We were really excited to see the Home Office ‘Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation: Understanding Risk and Vulnerability’ report and the discussion this has generated.

When the report was launched one of the issues highlighted was that there was now a need for some coordinated national research that would further explore the issues raised. We want to commend Public Health England who have responded to this and have commissioned the EIF to consider the range of behaviours which can manifest in adolescence and which may be early indicators of an increased risk of problems; and the extent to which these indicators are picked up and acted upon within existing early help systems and processes. That this will sit alongside a piece of work to look at the most predictive signals of risk at different developmental milestones through early childhood which should help further inform responses, interventions and prevention work with children and young people.

We are looking forward to the outcomes of the research which should help inform best practice and  the future development of, robust, evidence based, systemic frameworks that respond to the needs of the field and young people.

Find out more here: http://www.eif.org.uk/are-we-looking-under-the-light-for-vulnerable-teenagers/



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