Our Chief Exec Joins Our Ramathon Team

Safe and Sound's Chief Executive is fundraising by running the Ramathon - Derby's Half Marathon - along with 13 of our fantastic supporters.

As first time Ramathon charity associate partners, we were overwhelmed with the support from those who have signed up to take part and raise funds for Safe and Sound. These include local business people and those that work with young people in Derbyshire. Some are seasoned runners, but for many this will be their biggest running challenge to date.

Joining our 14-strong super Safe and Sound Ramathon team is our Chief Executive Nathalie Walters, who has dusted off her running gear and started training for her first ever half marathon.

Nathalie said “I only started running again in October last year, doing a couch to 5k programme, and am slowly building up the miles ready to tackle Ramathon and hopefully raise some much needed money for Safe & Sound.”

Ramathon, which starts and ends at Pride Park Stadium, will take place on Sunday 4 June.

We could not be more proud of Nathalie who is currently on holiday in Portugal – we hope she’s relaxing a bit in the build up to the big day. A number of Safe and Sound staff members will be there on the day with a stall to raise awareness of our work and cheer our Ramathon team, on, so please come by and say hello.

If you’d like to support Nathalie by donating to Safe and Sound, please see her fundraising page here.

If you’re interested in getting involved with similar events either as a volunteer or participant, or to organise or take part in a fundraising event, please get in touch for ideas and support. Please call 01332 362120 or email [email protected] 

Our Safe and Sound Ramathon Team

Jim Nicholls, Retail Operations Manager for Eden Tyres & Servicing 

“Just over a year ago I had never ran anything more than a bath! I took up the Derby 10k challenge with ETS last year to raise money for Children with cancer UK and really enjoyed the experience. I soon got into the training and I was overwhelmed with the level of support we received from friends, family and colleagues.”

“I knew that if I wanted to attract a similar level of support I would have to up my game, push myself harder and achieve new goals. For me to be undertaking a half marathon just a year after for my first ever jog is a real personal challenge. Who knows maybe one day I will go to London for the big one!”

“My main reason for doing this is to give something back to people that really need it. I have chosen Safe and Sound to raise money for this time as they are a small charity that help support and educate young children in child sexual exploitation. As a father of 3 young children, the protection of all young people is very important to me. I chose to support Safe and Sound as I was looking for a local charity that would gain real benefit from my support and Safe and Sound really ticked all the boxes, I am proud to be in a position to support them.”

“I am training 4 times a week and putting a lot of time and effort into achieving this goal which a year ago would not have dreamed of. I have even suffered knee injuries and am undergoing regular physio just to keep me training so this will be no small challenge for me to complete.”

“I have a probably unrealistic time of around 2 hours set in my mind to complete it in, but in all honesty if I cross the finish line and I am still alive I will be more than happy with that!”

“I work for Eden Tyres & Servicing which is a great business. They’re giving me loads of support, especially with the promoting side of the charity fundraising.”

“My goal is to raise £2,000 to enable the charity to continue to carry our their vital work. I ask all of you to please support me and this wonderful charity. Any donation you can make of any size will be received very gratefully by all concerned.”

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 Anthony Lomas, Partner at Boxall Brown and Jones

“I was first introduced to Safe & Sound at a charity ball at Pride Park many years ago. I recall listening to a speech made by a former colleague of mine who was involved with the charity. A lasting memory was made when it was explained that child abuse and exploitation is happening now and in Derby and we must help to stop it once and for all. I am fortunate enough not to have experienced anything like what too many children and young adults are going through and couldn’t think of anything worse, so raising money for a great cause and a local charity is absolutely why I will be running the Ramathon!”

“I enjoy running and have participated in many events including the Derby 10k, Ramathon and Kilomathon, I will also be running the London marathon in the near future. I finished the Derby half marathon last year in 1 hour and 36 minutes, I’d like to do the Ramathon this year in less time than a football match – 90 minutes!”

“My colleagues have all agreed to sponsor me for my efforts and agree the charity I am running for is well worthy of their hard earned cash. I am also using the business social media accounts to raise awareness.”

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Mark Wallace, Account Manager – Yell (completed the Leeds Half for us instead on 14 May due to other commitments)

“I think it’s remarkable what Safe and Sound does, and as a father of two young children myself, only wish that you didn’t need to be here at all!”

“In terms of running, I guess I am a seasoned runner? I run 4-5 times a week between 10 and 20k. I have run many events over the years from local 5 and 10k’s, half marathons (Derby, Notts, Sheffield etc) and I ran my first marathon in September in Oslo, Norway!”

“I run for the love of running, not so much about times but can comfortably run a 10k in sub 40mins and halves in under 1.30.”

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Rebekah Ford, Event Manager and Director at The Event Foundry

“Safe and Sound are spreading awareness of an issue that occurs far too much in our world but is not talked about nearly enough.”

“I want to fully support the work that they do by running this half marathon, spreading the word about the work they do and raise some well deserved financial support!”

“I have run several 10km races, and experienced my first half marathon last year. So this is still going to be a big challenge for me!”

“I wanted to have a new challenge this year, and running another half marathon was on the list. However, I needed to raise the bar by not only running a better time, but raising money for a great cause at the same time. No way to back out now!”

“I’d love to achieve a time of under 2 hours, but we’ll have to see how the training goes!”

“The Event Foundry is very supportive of my efforts. As a business, we’re looking to pull in all connections to raise awareness through publicity, gather sponsors and even arrange a fundraising event!”

“The work Safe and Sound are doing is amazing and I can’t imagine it’s something that is easy to share as it’s such a sensitive subject. The more opportunities there are for this type of child abuse to be brought into the light, the better. We need to raise as much awareness as possible to stop this kind of thing being ignored. I can’t think of a better way to support such a great charity.”

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Claire Tonks, Partner at Flint Bishop LLP 

“I have decided to run my first half marathon, (much to the surprise of my three boys – “you’re quite old mum to run that far.”) to help raise funds and awareness for Safe & Sound. Having a teenager myself and working with schools and colleges, it is impossible not to be aware of the dangers to our children in the digital world. Safe and Sound is a fantastic, local charity providing specialist support to children and young people affected by sexual exploitation.”

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Emma Holt, a professional working with young people

“I think the work that Safe and Sound do is important because I think a lot of CSE goes unreported and is hidden from society. It is is important to raise awareness that it is going on out there and we need to put a stop to it.”

“I have competed in 10ks and one half marathon before but I last did any serious running about 10 years ago so this is a huge challenge for me! I would ideally like to complete it in under 2 hours”

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Sean Price, Director at RDS Global

“As I’ve recently become a father, what Safe and Sound do as a charity has become ever more important in my world.”

“I’m a regular short distance runner – give me 5km 3 or 4 times a week not a problem, I recently completed a 10km and am always looking for a new challenge”

“Having never done a half marathon – for me my first priority is to finish without crawling on my hands and knees across the line. However being incredibly competitive whatever time I get – I will aim to beat shortly after in another race.”

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