Impact of CSE Training on a Children’s Service

We have just launched a longitudinal study which assesses the long term impact of child sexual exploitation (CSE) training on the workforce of a local authority children's service - looking at feedback on the day of training and then with a follow up survey six months later.

Our training arm JustWhistle had been commissioned to deliver a range of training on various issues relating to child sexual exploitation (CSE) and abuse for a local authority which included their children’s services teams, licensing, CSE team, elected members and corporate teams.

With the client making such a large investment in training for a substantial amount of people, this gave us the opportunity to develop a longitudinal study which would examine the impact of the training courses on the day and then explore how much of that new knowledge was retained after six months.

This research design enabled the local authority to really consider what the return on investment was and what long term impact training was having on the practice, knowledge and attitudes of their workforce.

We trained 280 professionals across the Authority with a number of different roles and responsibilities who completed the initial evaluations after each course. Six months later, 38 professionals then took part in the anonymous online survey.

Download the full study here.


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