CSE Awareness Day – films

In support of National Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Awareness Day, on 18 March, Safe and Sound produced a series of short films to help raise awareness of CSE.

In the week leading up to National CSE Awareness Day, we released a series of short films each day to our YouTube channel. The films feature members of the Safe and Sound team discussing various issues around the prevention and detection of and protection from child sexual exploitation (CSE).

Please have a look at the films below and consider subscribing to our YouTube channel to keep up to date with topical issues around child protection in relation to exploitation, sexual violence and abuse.

Part 1: Why is compulsory sex and relationships education in schools so important?

Part 2: How can we safeguard 16 and 17 year olds from sexual exploitation and into adulthood?

Part 3: How can we improve our response to those at risk of child sexual exploitation in minority and low referral groups?

Part 4: What advice would you give to parents on spotting the signs of child sexual exploitation and how and where to seek support?

Part 5: Are you under 18 and being pressured into doing sexual things that you don’t feel comfortable with?

Please see our Safe and Sound YouTube channel for more content around these issues and to subscribe to our channel.


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