Coronation Street CSE storyline

Have a look at some of our team discussing the recent child sexual exploitation storyline between Nathan and Bethany Platt on Coronation Street.

We discuss whether the complaints about showing this before the watershed during the week and on Saturday mornings is justified. The Daily Mail also asked if the storyline had gone too far; we discuss what is ‘too dark’ for television in the context of grooming and child sexual exploitation.

From our experience, there aren’t just one or two types of perpetrator, the abuser could look like anyone, e.g. it’s not always who you expect, in fact, it can be the people you least expect, and that’s a really crucial message that the soap conveys. We think it is quite impactful that they have chosen Nathan, as it demonstrates that child sexual exploitation and abuse could be happening in front of us at any time and we all need to be more aware of the warning signs and look outside the traditional stereotypes we have about perpetrators in order to ensure we’re protecting young people.

Let us know your thoughts.


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