Chelsea’s Choice Schools Resource

On the 12th September 2016, AlterEgo launched the new ‘Chelsea’s Choice’ Resource to support secondary schools across the UK in raising awareness with children about child sexual exploitation.

Chelsea’s Choice is an impactful and successful drama production developed and delivered by AlterEgo which follows the story of three students and their teacher as they read and re-enact the diary entries of a girl called Chelsea, who is being sexually exploited by someone she trusted. The production, developed for children aged 12 years and over features important issues such as online safety, sexual grooming, peer pressure, consent, manipulation and child sexual exploitation (CSE). So far, the drama production has been seen by over 480,000 children from across the UK and has recently been adapted for a US audience and performed in New York.

We are pleased to have been commissioned by AlterEgo to design and write the new accompanying resource pack for teachers and other professionals that work with children. The new resource is split into two sections: the teacher’s handbook and a selection of six lesson plans that were written specifically for the Chelsea’s Choice script.

With experience of developing educational resources in CSE and trafficking previously, we wanted to ensure that teachers using the new AlterEgo resource felt confident and knowledgeable before, during and after a showing of Chelsea’s Choice to their students. The handbook gives teachers and other professionals a thorough and current understanding of child sexual exploitation, trafficking, consent and safeguarding before offering three exclusive lesson plans for key stage 3 and a further three lesson plans for key stage 4. The handbook is written in an accessible and engaging style, giving examples where appropriate. The lesson plans are built around extracts from the script so that students can extend their learning from the drama production by utilising debates, quizzes, and discussion, poetry and artwork exercises.

The resource features guidance for teachers on delivering the sessions and leading the activities. We’re confident that the resource provides significant added value for school safeguarding leads and headteachers that are commissioning Chelsea’s Choice to be performed in their schools.

The resource is now available to download for free from the AlterEgo website on the Chelsea’s Choice page. Although some content is suitable for more general CSE lessons, the resource is specifically designed with activities relevant to Chelsea’s Choice which will be included for all those commissioning the production in their schools from Monday 12th September onwards.

Download the pack from the AlterEgo website


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